tablet pc repairing institute india
tablet pc repairing institute india
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Tablet Pc Repairing Course
Eligibility: Any Duration: 30-45 Days
  • Basics electronics components Testing practical
  • Resistor,Capacitor,Coil,Diode,Transistor
  • Transformer,Mos-fet,Crystal,RTC
  • Speaker,Ringer,Mic,Vibrator,Fuse,Battery
  • Types of Ic,Golden Tips,Practical Test
  • Soldering Iron Use,SMD Machine Use
  • Practical tools info,Chip Level Practical
  • Component Removing,Component Removing
  • Component Soldering,Jumper settings,I.C. Change
  • Tablet PC Assembling and dissembling.
  • Android application
  • Function and block diagram of Tablet PC.
  • Adapter.
  • Battery.
  • Sound Problem
  • USB Port Problem
  • Keypad Problem
  • Touchpad Problem
  • Finger Prints Problem
  • RAM and ROM
  • Tablet PC Hard Disk Repair
  • Tablet PC motherboard.
  • Tablet PC Block Diagram
  • Identification of I.C
  • Different I.C Names
  • Set Dead Problem
  • Charging Problem
  • Display Problem
  • Display Light Problem
  • Audio Sound Problem
  • ICs detail and function.
  • Different connectors and sockets.
  • Fault finding procedure of Tablet PC.
  • Use of Debug card post error code.
  • Common problem of different motherboards.
  • Fault finding using analog and digital multi- meter.
  • Fault finding using Oscilloscope (CRO).
  • Removing ICs by Hot Air Gun Machine (SMD Machine).
  • iCs re-bolling by BGA machine.
  • BIOS update and password.
  • Different password removing methods and steps.
  • Chip Level Practical (Using Solder iron, SMD Machine, IRDA, SMD Machine)
  • Troubleshooting (Chip Level Troubleshooting using oscilloscope, LCR Meter, IRDA, SMD Machine)
  • Service Centre Class
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Technical course which enhances your career life

Be careful for your laptop and tablet PC devices because a little drop down can be a severe physical punishment for them. The computers are very delicate category of machine and you may not want to pay extra for their repair if you come to know that the repair is possible with easy hands. In the tablet pc repairing course, we put immense light on the various causes of tablet pc damage like system crash, memory corrupted, system overheating etc and their possible solutions.

Expert institute is committed to offer the best class training services to its students. In our training center which is equipped of latest testing and diagnosing devices we provide extensive knowledge on the advanced tablet pc repairing services. The tablet pc gets the basic power from their internal battery. The user receives the AC adapter along with the device to plug it in the main power line, however the device still faces several problems in its functionality. In the tablet pc repairing institute you learn to avoid various those habits that produce problems in your system such as overcharging and leaving your device uncovered for several hours.

We provide fast and experienced training in the tablet pc repair at our highly advanced tablet pc repairing institute in Delhi where each training session is provided by an expert group of trainers who have achieved expertise with the practice of years in the technology. We are huge enough to serve the students with the vital tablet pc repair technologies and provide them complete assistance at each step of the course. The tablet pc repairing course in Delhi has become an ultimate choice if you are truly willing to learn tablet pc repairing. It is the course which guaranteed pays back.

Expert institute has earned huge reputation among the students as an excellent tablet pc institute where the students learn the tablet pc repair following the latest technology standards. Moreover, they find exciting career opportunities in this field. Our advance structured tablet pc course covers the entire essential aspects as explained below:

1. Introduction of flash technology
2. Software upgrade
3. Unlock the software
4. Understanding the chip level components in tablet pc like processor, Sim slots, adapter, battery, network technologies
5. Troubleshooting of hardware
6. Troubleshooting of software
7. Use circuit diagrams to analyze the chip level components
8. Diagnose the various internal parts of tablet pc and understand the irregularity in their performance
9. Find the best possible solutions promptly and accurately

At the best tablet pc repairing institute the students find the course curriculum very easy to understand and with an assistance of expert faculty they learn to implement the understood techniques in the real life. Within one to three months course, the students explore the potential opportunities to obtain more knowledge in the repair technologies which is the reason that we are running our institute as the best tablet pc repairing institute in Delhi. After completion of the potential tablet pc repairing course, our students become able to handle the problems of tablet pcs of all brands like NOKIA, SAMSUNG, APPLE and other, which open the door of prospective career for their future.

Tablet PC Repairing Institute India

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