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30 - 45 days

Smartphones Android or Windows i-Phone Mobile Phone Course

  • Smartphones Android or Windows i-Phone Technologies
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth ,Infrared Technologies
  • Unlocking code for Smartphones Android Phone or Windows i-Phone CDMA Phone
  • GSM & CDMA Structure & Generation of Mobile Phone
  • Smartphones Android or Windows i-Phone Assembly & Disassembly
  • Identification of Different Electronic Components Testing on a Circuit board
  • Chip Level Soldering & De-soldering on a PCB Motherboard
  • Identification of ICs
  • Identification of Different ICs
  • Source and Destination
  • Mobile source destination code
  • Mobile Circuit Board Trace Smartphones Android Phone or Windows i-Phone
  • Mobile Circuit Board Trace without Circuit Diagram
  • Circuit Diagram Reading
  • Section of Mobile Phone Repair
  • 2G 3G 4G Technology
  • Chinese Mobile phone Repair
  • Android Technology
  • Windows phone Technology
  • Faults In Mobile Phones
  • Dead set condition
  • No charging
  • Auto charging
  • No signal
  • Voice problem
  • Vibrator problem
  • Ringer problem
  • Auto turn off
  • Hanging problem
  • Insert sim (no sim card inserted shows on the screen)
  • keypad problem
  • Software problems:
  • Hanging problem
  • No signal
  • Dead set
  • Display
  • Contact service (contact retailer, contact service provider)
  • Test mode
  • Not charging
  • Setting problem:
  • Call divert
  • Sim lock
  • Security code
  • Country lock
  • Practically handset Repairing
  • Latest Mobile Repairing
  • Flashing and Formatiing
  • I-PHONE Restoring
  • Android Pattern Lock
  • Android Routing
  • Blackberry Unlocking
  • Blackberry Flashing
  • Blackberry Wi-Fi Settings
  • galaxy phone Repair
  • Repairing Touch screen phone
  • Touch screen phone Technology Repair
  • HTC Repairing
  • GSM Mobile Phone Troubleshooting
  • Chinese Mobile phone Troubleshooting
  • CDMA Mobile phone Troubleshooting
  • Practically Handset Repairing
  • Tips for service centre
  • Live Practical Training

How to Expert in Mobile Repairing

Possessing the latest featured mobiles can be the passion of any one but taking care of this device and protecting it from the severe damages is the strong challenge for the simple users. Until you are familiar with the maintenance and service techniques of mobiles, you can not protect your mobile from the extreme range of problems occur in it which are not shown in earlier stages but they hamper the functionality of the mobile slowly and at last leave it damaged. If you want to avoid an entrance of such issues, you must learn the latest mobile repair techniques by joining our mobile repairing course in Delhi provided to the students of all educatory backgrounds such as whether you have completed schooling in science, medical, commerce or arts, you are eligible to join our competitive mobile repairing courses. We have established mobile repairing institute in Delhi equipped with the latest technology training center where you learn the entire aspects of mobile repairing. The course is offered in different course lengths such as from biweekly to three months. The students can choose any mobile repairing course in India offered at us as per their convenience and need. Our prospective mobile repairing course covers the following sections:
Basic electronics: In this section, the students learn the electric parameters like current, voltage and frequency and the electronic parts of mobile like capacitor, resistor, diode etc. Also they learn to use the multimeter testing equipments to measure the resistance, voltage and current flow.

Mobile Modules: In the mobile modules section they learn about performance of various mobile modules like speaker, camera, charger, memory, antenna and microphone. Different kinds of batteries and standard talk time offered.
In the training class of Mobile repairing institute in India, the students obtain knowledge on the vital network technologies like GSM, CDMA and other satellite networks, different technologies implemented like Bluetooth and SMS. Various services like GPRS, WAP, 2G and 3G. Various functioning in the mobiles like divert call, conferencing and storage systems like memory card is covered.
While providing sufficient knowledge in the best mobile repairing course in Delhi our best faculty throws immense light on the basic troubleshooting of mobiles in which the students learn about the useful tooling for mobiles, assembly and disassembly of mobiles, troubleshooting and replacement of damaged parts like screen, speaker, ringer, charging ports and replacement of complete inner mobile unit.
We hold the tag of best mobile repairing institute in Delhi because our students learn extensively about the hardware and software sections of mobiles and their effective troubleshooting at us. In the hardware level repair they are trained in repairing the various integrated chips and electronic sections like RAM, CPU and PA. Pin block of sim and PCB. Diagnose the components and their troubleshooting.
In the software section, they come to learn how different software features operate like Bluetooth operations and data recovery. How the mobile can be connected with the computer and flash technology. In the three month mobile repairing course our students cover the entire essential aspects of mobile repair and learn to handle all popular models of mobile like NOKIA, SAMUNG, SONY ERICSON and other. Finally, they leave our mobile repairing institute after becoming the mobile repair specialist.

Mobile Repairing Institute in India

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